Updated 4 June, 2006

Johnathan Spencer Joplin
Born 11/4/97 - Died 3/30/98

Johnathan Spencer Joplin

This page has been created in memory of our precious baby Johnathan who was born with a congential heart defect known as HLHS, or Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He was diagnosed with HLHS at approximately 32 weeks gestation, and had open-heart surgery at only 6 days old.

Just following surgery

Before surgery with his mommy Christina, and his uncle, John:

Johnathan with mommy Christina and Uncle John

In the NICU with daddy:

With daddy, Scott

Johnathan came through the very risky surgery with little trouble, and we were able to bring him home less than 2 weeks later. Here he is helping Mommy play cards:

Playing cards with mommy

Johnathan's first Christmas:

First Christmas

I loved my swing:

I loved my swing

Daddy's big boy!

Daddy's big boy!

Out in the big world with Mommy & Daddy

What a charmer!
HHmmmm...who's that taking my picture?

Looking at the angels?

Looking at the angels

Johnathan had to have another surgery at 5 months of age to continue repairs to his heart. The surgery itself went well, but soon after closure, he began having serious problems. His heart stopped several times, and though the doctors were able to restart it, many hours after surgery, Johnathan's heart stopped one last time.

Johnathan is now our little angel watching us from heaven. He has many people all over the world who love him and think about him every day. To read more about Johnathan and his friends, go to the next page.

Please read Johnathan's story written by his grandmother, Janet Kerr.

For more information about HLHS, visit Left Heart Matters, support for parents, and other children's stories.

Another helpful site about Congenital Heart Defects is the CHD Support Group. Valuable information and support.

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